This beast of a bike claims to be the world’s most powerful electric motorcycle. We’re not in a hurry to argue with the grisly looking beast. Meet the Voxan Wattman.

This 1000cc equivalent motorcycle packs a 12.8kWh battery which is capable of outputting over 100mph and a 0-60mph time of less than 3.4 seconds. Despite the power it’s still able to manage 120 miles on a charge and can go from empty to 80 per cent full in half an hour.

The 200 horse power ride delivers 200 Nm of instant torque at up to 10,500 rpm. And since it’s engineered in Monaco and made in France the design hasn’t been left without great attention to futuristic-looking detail. Although we would imagine that lengthy Batman-esque shape is quite a lot of work to handle. But with that much power it would be hard to complain.

The Voxan Wattman doesn’t have a release date or price yet but expect it to arrive next year in France and, hopefully, the rest of the world.

this is voxan wattman the world’s most powerful electric motorcycle 0 60mph in 3 4 seconds image 2