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(Pocket-lint) - Sugru is, essentially, posh putty that’s now being sold with magnets in a kit. But like Raspberry Pi, what you do with it is the important part.

The team behind Sugru has been working on getting maximum strength in the most minimal design and the result is some D357 battery sized magnetic discs that you can use to marry together anything their magnetism can support. Bike lights are the most obvious use.

The Sugru magnet kit contains three packs of Sugru putty and four neodymium magnets and a tips and tricks booklet. The magnets feature a simple dimple on the north side so you know which side to stick down at a glance. As you can see from the video these make bike light attachment and removal a doddle - ideal when leaving your bike in a less than secure area.

Other ideas for use include mounting a torch on a drill, hanging recorders from tripods and keeping crutches together. But of course you’re limited only by your imagination, and the magnet strength. That and the putty which is described as a 3-dimensional rubber glue - allowing you to bond the magnets to almost any surface in the world.

If you’ve already thought of myriad uses for Sugru while reading then it might be worth snapping them up soon. The kits will be £10 for the first thousand made. Register now to receive yours on release in January. 

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 December 2013.