You can now make an Italian espresso in your car while on the go.

Coffee machine manufacturer Lavazza has introduced a new product called A Modo Mio Espressego, a portable capsule coffee machine that brews "the perfect espresso" whether you're traveling to work or embarking on a road trip.

The A Modo Mio Espressgo fits into a cup holder and whips up a thermos of Lavazza espressos in less than 2 minutes using a 12V cigarette lighter socket. There are 10 Modo Mio espresso blends available, each with 7-8g serving of coffee, so even coffee connoisseurs can find a flavour to suit them.

A few example flavours include Le Selezioni Divinamente, Appassionatamente and Caffè Crema Lungo Dolcement. The espresso blends come in capsules like the Keurig capsules. One pack contains 16 and costs £3.89. The full range of Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules is available at Lavazza's website and Selfridges

The A Modo Mio Espressgo is available from 18 December at Lavazza's website at a cost of £129.99.  The starter kit includes a carry bag, 16 A Modo Mio coffee capsules and a measuring cup.

It will also  be on sale for £89 this Christmas until 5 January at Lavazza and Selfridges.