The Tokyo Motor Show always throws up some beautiful concepts that look like they’ve come from the future, but we never expected one to be a three-wheeler. The Kawasaki J motorbike, or trike to be exact, is one of the best-looking machines we’ve seen.

Like something from Tron, the electric-powered Kawasaki J has a low riding position for Sports Mode, and Comfort Mode in whicthe front wheels widen for a more upright, comfortable riding position. Yep that position does leave the rider looking like he’s working a lawn-mower in full leathers.

The battery powering the bike is a Gigacell high-capacity nikel-metal hydride device. But other than that Kawasaki has given no more details. Kawasaki has also neglected to talk about the power output or speeds of the bike - presumably because it is in such an early concept stage of design.

So when, or even if, this bike will come to market is unknown. But we love the idea of an attractive electric motorcycle that’s made for both comfort and speed. Check out some more drool-worthy pictures below.