Tokyoflash Japan is looking to get into the watch game like everyone else, and has launched the Kisai Rorschach. It won't read like the typical watch, instead using the Rorschach inkblot test developed by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in 1921. 

The Rorschach way of reading a watch can be a bit odd, but once explained it gets easier. Hours are shown in the top right, minutes in the bottom left, the rest of the screen is a reflection of these digits which creates the inkblot effect. If you're looking for a step away from the typical analogue or digital reading - Tokyo Flash may have your answer.

kisai rorschach epaper watch takes a new approach to reading the time image 2

Kisai Rorschach is powered by an "ePaper display" like Amazon's Kindle line, meaning it can remain always on. It uses a standard CR2016 watch battery which can be replaced easily. Both the leather and stainless steel straps are fully adjustable to fit your wrist.

Kisai Rorschach also includes a power-saving Sleep Mode, which could be enabled between 12am and 7am when you are usually asleep. It will display a static image, a different cryptic ink blot design on each day of the week, in which no power will be emitted during this time. "By using Sleep Mode you can extend the battery life to last up to three years," the company says. "Of course, you can wake up the watch at any time by pressing a button."

The Kisai Rorschach is available from Tokyo Japan for a special release price of $179/£114 including free shipping, until Thursday 21 November.