Developer FiftyThree has launched a new stylus accessory for iOS that works seamlessly with its Paper sketchbook app.

The stylus, called Pencil, literally looks like a pencil. Filings with the US Federal Communications Commission revealed in October that Pencil could serve as a capacitive stylus, and it could also boast a rubberised tip and Bluetooth connectivity.

It appears those filings were correct, because Pencil has released with Bluetooth connection. That means there are no settings menus or pairing. Just press Pencil’s tip to an iPad, and works. Pencil also has a built-in eraser that allows you to "just flip" and erase.

Pencil features three key elements: Erase, Blend, and adaptive Palm Rejection. While we've already discussed Erase, Blend allows you to go hands-on. Palm rejection will then kick in, so Paper knows when it's your hand or Pencil touching the iPad's display, enabling different capacitive responses without any set-up or calibration.

Other nifty features for Pencil include a 90-minute battery that's rechargeable via USB and free options for sketching, outlining, writing, colouring, and mixing.

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Pencil is available in Walnut (hardwood) or Graphite (black brushed aluminum) models in the US and Canada at FiftyThree's website for $49.95 (£31) each. Check out the video below for more details.