The Raspberry Pi has reached two million units sold since its launch in February 2012, the foundation reported this weekend.

The sales are going better than expected. After hitting one million sales in January of this year, Raspberry Pi Foundation had predicted to hit its two million goal by January 2014, but has beaten it by a couple of months.

"We never thought we’d be where we are today when we started this journey: it’s down to you, our amazing community, and we’re very, very lucky to have you," Raspberry Pi wrote on its website. In a blog post the Foundation recalled the first 2,000 units shipped to customers.

two million raspberry pi pcs sold since february 2012 image 2

The hackable PC, which is the size of a credit card and provides an HDMI socket, a video output, two USB ports, Ethernet, audio and an SD card slot, has been a hit with the hacking community. Popular Raspberry Pi hacks include turning it into an AirPlay speaker receiver, XBMC media centre, Ice Cream Sandwich machine and more. Its cheap price makes for an impulse buy.

Have you purchased a Raspberry Pi?