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(Pocket-lint) - TokyoFlash is back with another whacky watch design - although this seems to be one of its more sane models. Oh yeah, apart from it being made from wood.

The Kisai Console LED watch features a wooden body and strap housing a fit-inducing array of flashing lights. Yep, they flash to show the time. But you can set it to flash at you only every 15 minutes if you like, or when you hit the light button. How do you read it though? Check out the video to learn how.

The model comes in red sandalwood with green LED lights or dark sandalwood with red LED lights. The watch is USB rechargeable and will cost £69 until Thursday 14 November. Whether the price will go up loads, or they will be available at all after that time is unclear.

Wood, to us, seems like a good idea. No more cold metal watch strap in the morning. Plus any hair pinching should be kept to a minimum. And when contrasted with the futuristic display it reminds us of some overgrown post-apocalyptic world of the future. Always good to be reminded of what could be if you don’t recycle - every time you look at your watch.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 November 2013.