Yes you read that right this suit is actually bullet-proof. Not in a bulky Kevlar body armour sort of way but in a normal-looking suit that can stop bullets way.

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So how can this thin material offer strong enough protection to stop a bullet? It's made using several sheets of carbon nanotube fabric in the suit's lining. But that doesn't mean it's a hard and hot suit normally. The carbon nanotubes tighten their weave in response to a point of force. That means it can stop both 9mm and .45 (think Dirty Harry's gun) handgun rounds. It will even protect you from being stabbed.

The cost of a life-saving super suit? The Garrison Bespoke suit will set you back $19,160 (£11,900). Hopefully they've got it with a Hitman red tie. So for now this may be a gangster and undercover police-only purchase. We can't see the streets of Baltimore filled with these anytime soon, but you never know.