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(Pocket-lint) - McDonald's could consider offering 3D printing in store some time in the future, according to Mark Fabes, UK director of IT for the fast food chain. 

In a recent interview, Fabes said  the idea of 3D printing a toy for your Happy Meal is something he could see happening, in an attempt to bring technology to customers in store.

"As we know, you don't always get every toy in a set. So how about as part of a value exchange or as a reward to give the ability to reprint a toy in the restaurant?" This was "just a thought" at the moment, he said.

McDonald's is currently focused on testing tablets in stores. The problem, Fabes told V3, is that if a gadget doesn't work first time customers won't bother with it again. As 3D printing is still in its relative infancy this could be an issue for in-store use.

As part of future plans Fabes also talked about a connected restaurant that adheres to the thingternet, with the idea that kitchen equipment could talk to each other being a very real possibility. For example the fryer and fridge could communicate in order to balance the use of power, based on what's needed.

So we may not see 3D printers in McDonald's soon but it looks like Ronald and co have got a close eye on the technology for use in the future.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 7 November 2013.