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(Pocket-lint) - We've seen a lot of wearable gadgets that connect to your mobile for alerts, but none that manages to do it while looking so good. Memi, designed by women for women, is a chic iPhone-compatible smartbracelet that notifies you of important calls, texts and calendar alerts via Bluetooth.

The bracelet isn't only about looking good with a minimalist design, but its functions also aim for minimalism. By alerting you to only what you want to hear the idea is that this gives you back time that would otherwise be wasted in  checking your phone. This is great for women without pockets or deep bags who don't want the hassle of checking their phone only to realise it was someone they don't need to speak to.

So if you're at a meeting or a dinner and only want to receive calls from your other half, a baby sitter, or a friend you're expecting to call then just select them on the app and all other contact will be ignored. When you receive that call a vibration alone will let you know. This means there's no need for a screen so that stylish design can be achieved.

When we first heard this was a gadget designed for women we braced ourselves for a tacky pink, feminism stomping design. So to see such an attractive device that focuses on smart design and intelligent tech we were pleasantly surprised. Finally tech is realising women and men are equally able and willing to use the right gadget when its built for a good use.

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You can set Memi to notify you to all calls or texts or just selected people. It can also remind you when certain calendar events are coming up. Each has a separate vibration so you know the difference from feel alone. A single discreet button is used to turn Memi on and off while a tiny LED alerts you to its on/off status or if you're out of range of your phone. A double tap can also be used to quickly stop notifications while vibrating. Memi is charged via micro-USB and will go five days on a single charge. It is iPhone only for now but if it proves popular will no doubt come to other mobiles in the future.

Memi is currently aiming to hit $100,000 on Kickstarter. You can pledge now and pick one up for $125 (£78) for a summer 2014 release.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 November 2013.