Your next smartphone could come packing graphical powers that would make your current pocket-dweller glow with embarrassment. ARM has just announced its third-generation T-series Mali GPUs, just 14 months after the last batch was launched. On the menu is the T760 and T720.

The T760 GPU scales a mighty 16 cores and manages to boost power efficiency by four times that of the current T628. This is aided using ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) which cuts the total memory bandwidth used by more than half. So for the hardcore number lovers that means the 28nm Mali-T760 MP16 can clock up to 700MHz with 1.39 GTriangles per second and 11.2 Gpixels per second thanks to dual 512KB L2 cache.

The T720 is built specifically to work well with the Android OS, says ARM, with little more detail. This brings OpenGL ES 3.0 to systems and can scale 8 cores with dual 128KB L2 cache and a top speed of 600MHz with 4.8Gpix per second and 533MTriangles per second. This should be done while offering a 150 per cent improvement in energy efficiency over the T400. So you'll get the same performance with a third of the power.

As tablets and mobiles move further into gaming it's great to see ARM catering for people playing on the move who don't want to worry about battery quite so much.