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(Pocket-lint) - Lots of research is coming out of late about chairs being the harbingers of our deaths. In a nutshell, sitting turns off an enzyme that stops bad cholesterol. Sitting for too long leads to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. The FreedMan Chair, designed by osteopeth-cum-inventor Simon Freedman, simulates standing to protect your back and your overall health. And it hit its Kickstarter target today.

The chair uses two separate seat pads to allow the freedom of movement between the natural variations in your legs. It's also angled at 27-degrees, The Golden Angle, so as to simulate standing in your pelvis and to allow the natural arch in your back to support you.

We tried it for a short while and found it comfortable from the outset. The grip on the seat is so good you don't feel like you'll slide off despite the angle. And it fits easily under a table so you can work comfortably. Plus at around 7kg light it's easy to move about. And to adjust height - which is all you can adjust as everything else is set perfectly - you just need to twist. Standing up was weird as it felt like you were already upright, no usual swinging yourself up - and no aches at all. It's hard to describe but probably best to say it feels like you get up already stretched out.

the freedman chair is coming to stop sitting killing you image 10

The chair itself has been the passion of perfectionist Simon Freedman who, from talking with us, clearly loves good design. He's also a big supporter of sustainable development and hates waste. For that reason the FreedMan chair has an extremely low carbon emission rating and looks like something from a sci-fi film, especially with that spine-like back. And we loved details like the balls in the chair back for a gentle massage-like seat, the old school ball and claw wheels, and the brass to smooth the screw-adjustments - all inspired details.

The chair will sell for around £700 when it hits shops. If you commit now on Kickstarter you can snap one up for £320.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 29 October 2013.