You know that feeling you get when you see something really special and you can't wait to tell the world about it? Well, we have. The Shield Tech Jacket has more than tripled the amount of funding on Kickstarter than was required and it will be available to backers from February.

However, as good an idea as it seems, it's not actually the jacket we were talking about. Or the Tech Hoodie from the same firm, Avid Union. It's actually the video made to accompany the Kickstarter campaign. It is, quite simply, genius. Or utter bobbins. You decide.

The Tech Jacket itself has a number of features you'd commonly associate with outdoors apparel, but the main "tech" angle is that it comes with an RFID blocking interior pocket. That means that any details stored on a chip in a passport or credit card are protected from thieves with wireless RFID scanners.

How big an issue this is we're not entirely sure, but New York design collective Avid Union - which is also behind another successful Kickstarter project The Rib, are confident enough to make a jacket and a lighter hoodie to solve it.

As well as the special pocket, The Shield Tech Jacket features a carbon fibre-inspired shell, detachable hood, temperature regulating side vents and ninja sleeves that you can put over your hands when it's cold, negating the use of gloves.

The Tech Jacket will cost $459 (£284) and the Tech Hoodie $169 (£105) when they are released early next year. In the meantime, have another watch of the video. It's a grower.