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(Pocket-lint) - Electrolux attracts some great ideas with its annual awards and 2013 is truly exciting. From over 1,700 entries just eight went through to the final. This year flying robot cleaners won, but there are some other great ideas we've included here.


Mab, this year's winning design, is an automated cleaning orb that dispenses tiny flying robots to clean your house. A bit like a robot version of Cinderella with the friendly animals replaced by 908 solar-powered flying bots that use single droplets of water mixed with disinfectant to clean. After touching the dirty area with a water droplet each bot returns to the core for dirt filtering.

Mab was designed by 23-year-old Colombian student Adrian Perez Zapata.

Breathing Wall

Based on the gills of a fish, the Breathing Wall swells to clean the air in the home using natural air from outside. It also has coloured LEDs so the wall can change the lighting and mood of a room intelligently. It will have six modes for exercise, weather matching, memory aiding, breathing control, mood and manual.

Breathing Wall was designed by Korean product designer Jeabyun Yeon.

Global Chef

The aim of Global Chef is to make cooking social for people all over the world. But since it utilises a hologram to display people it can also be used as a screen for viewing recipes which can be found based on ingredients you have. Item can be placed on it to be weighed and intelligently recognised as you cook. All controls are achieved through gestures, thanks to a built-in camera. How the actual projection works isn't too clear but the idea itself is great.

Global Chef was designed by Swedish advanced product designer Dawid Dawod

Visit Electrolux to see all 8 design finalists.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 18 October 2013.