Lots of companies are vying for your wrist these days. With Nike unveiling its new FuelBand SE and Adidas its Fitness Smartwatch yesterday, on top of the rumoured Apple iWatch and current Samsung Galaxy Gear. But Fitbug has stepped up to compete, aiming more at the likes of the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up. Meet Orb, at half the price of the competition.

But do you need to give up features for the saving? You're not only getting a step tracker but this will also track your sleep. And thanks to the button-like shape it can be worn anywhere to suit the setting. Plus it has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you instantly to track your progress on your iPhone or Android device.

On the software front you get KiK, a smart trainer created by nutritionists and sports scientists to calculate realistic weekly targets to work towards. Measured are steps, time, distance, calories, speed and sleep. With that data KiK will give you nudges to keep you on track to your goals via texts, emails and phone alerts. And to save battery you can chose to send data instantly, at certain intervals, or view it in real-time.

Fitbug claims you'll get a massive six months on a charge. And if you're on MyFitnessPal or Aetna Carepass it will work with those too - although it appears they're the only third-party apps on offer right now.

The 30mm diameter Fitbug Orb will come in black, white or pink and arrives with a wristband, belt hook, underwear clip and lanyard. The Fitbug Orb is £45 and on sale right now.