(Pocket-lint) - We thought motorcycle helmets had peaked when Reevu released its MSX1 with a mirror system that lets the rider look behind them. Now Skully has pushed the boundaries further with a visor heads up display called Synapse.

Synapse allows images to be displayed inside the plastic visor right in front of the rider. This display can show navigation and blind spot data working with a rear-view camera with a 180-degree viewing angle, eliminating the need to shift eyes from the road. The display is positioned outside the rider's primary field of view, and appears approximately six meters away.

The Skully P1 can be paired to your mobile for voice control of your music, texts, calls and sat nav destination, all hands-free. It sounds so good we'd be tempted to wear it out and about, if we didn't expect to get thrown in a padded room.

The helmet features all the usual cutting edge motorcycle traits too like a lightweight, aerodynamic, tricomposite shell, 3D laser-cut foam for a comfortable fit, adjustable ventilation, anti-fog, scratch and glare face shield and a quick release chin strap and visor.

The battery will last nine hours and can be recharged via micro USB. The satnav comes in two versions: a fully detailed guide and a basic version which works with the rear-view camera, displayed in the bottom corner.

Pricing and release date have not been announced yet but the P1 will be available from 2014. Head over to Skully to reserve yours now.

Writing by Luke Edwards.