There's a new kettle available for pre-order that welcomes you home by asking if you'd like to pop the kettle on.

Called iKettle, it's described as the world's first Wi-Fi Kettle. You can just turn it on remotely, from anywhere in your home, using an app via a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi. It therefore requires wireless 802.11b/gx and an iOS or Android device.

The stainless steel kettle went on sale this morning at, and it comes with a list of impressive features like the ability to hold 1.8 litres of liquid. It also has a Wake Up and Welcome Home mode, timer, four temperature settings, Keep Warm feature, removable filter, auto-shut off with boil-dry protection, soft-touch handle and LED backlit control panel.

The iKettle's description advises potential owners to stop wasting their time waiting for water to boil. It wants you to just relax and let the iKettle do everything, though you will still need to get up to fill the iKettle every now and then. It may trim an extra few seconds, but it doesn't magically save a trip to the kitchen. Still, it's a neat concept.

The temperature settings are an especially handy feature for hot-drink connoisseurs, because they'll be able to program their iKettle to serve Green Tea at 80F or Coffee at 95F. The very best part? You can set an alarm in the app so it will wake you up with a morning message and a boiled kettle. Now that's a dream come true for early risers who need their caffeine before anything else.

Check out the video above or gallery below for a closer look at the iKettle. It cost $160.79 ( £100) and ships free in the UK. It's only available for pre-order right now, but it should be ready to roll out in one to two months.