It's been around for a while but the Space Invaders Coin Piggy Bank has officially come to the UK care of FunStock. And what's more, its originally exorbitant price of £80 or more (Amazon lists it for almost £100) has been slashed. It's now available for £34.95 - a much more reasonable proposition.

Built like an original table top arcade machine - the sort you used to find in pubs and still do in bed and breakfast establishments in Blackpool - the piggy bank is a fully-working, albeit miniature, version of Space Invaders. You even have to insert coins to play it, therefore saving your pennies as you play. And the best news is that you can always open it up and get your coins out again.

The joystick and fire button are on the side and because it is a licensed product, it presents a convincing version of the arcade classic. It holds up to 80 coins in total and the LCD screen has a count of how much you've put it.

The Space Invaders Coin Piggy Bank is available now from