The 3D-printing pen from 3Doodler is finally shipping to Kickstarter backers and should hit retail in early 2014.

When 3Doodler landed on crowd-funding site Kickstarter earlier this year it raised over $2.3 million. It quickly became popular because of its unique ability to 3D print hand-drawn objects. The pen does exactly what you would think: it allows people to draw 3D plastic objects in the air through freestyle sketching or by tracing shapes from templates. 

September backers should receive their pens soon, while October backers will get theirs in the middle of October through to the end of the month. As for November backers, 3Doodler said it will l keep them posted on Kickstarter as production ramps up.

Similar to industrial 3D printers on the market, 3Doodler uses 10-inch strands of both ABS and PLA plastic optimised for the 3Doodler pen. Backers will receive 50 strands of plastic with each pen in a variety of colours. Although the Kickstarter campaign ended long ago, people can still pre-order the 3Doodler for $99 (£61) on the 3Doodler website.

Then 3Doodler will ship almost anywhere in the world for $15 or less. But don't expect delivery until February 2014, when the 3Doodler is expected to release for retail.