The Livescribe 3 smartpen is real and could land soon, as it has just surfaced in a public US Federal Communications Commission filing.

Livescribe is a six-year-old company that develops pens with an embedded computer. The pens, dubbed smartpens, record and digitise what you write. Livescribe has made three versions of its smartpen: the Pulse, the Echo and the Sky. They each work with compatible notebooks, software apps and developer tools.

The latest Livescribe smartpen, called Livescribe 3, which has yet to unveil, will uniquely feature Bluetooth. This will help it to pair to an iOS device. So when writing in a Livescribe notebook, your hand-written notes will appear in the Livescribe+ app for iOS. There's also a micro-USB connector for charging and a twistable handle for powering, according to the FCC filing.

Livescribe 3 will also support Pencasts, allowing notes to sync with recorded audio. Users can then save the notes and audio or send them to other users as a Pencast. The FCC filing didn't specify pricing or availability, though it did say support for more devices is coming. As Engadget pointed out, a public FCC filing typically indicates a product will hit the US market soon.

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Also, if you remember the Livescribe vs. BSkyB trademark suit from earlier this year, the English High Court ruled that Livescribe couldn't call its smartpen "Sky". Losing the battle forced Livescribe to recall its Sky Wi-Fi smartpen and re-brand it as the "Wi-Fi smartpen".