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(Pocket-lint) - The award-winning Ultimaker 3D printer has been updated. The Ultimaker 2, announced today, is set to speed up and simplify the 3D printing process.

Ultimaker 2 is an open source 3D printer which uses its own Cura software (for Mac, PC and Linux) that can pre-process 3D files 60 times faster than typical slicing engines, that can take an hour. This means your model can be ready to print before you've even hit the print button, claims Ultimaker founder Erik de Bruijn. There is also a draft mode to print a quick prototype at lower quality if need be.

Ultimaker will also be launching YouMagine, an online 3D printing community. But why not just use Thingiverse? YouMagine isn't just a place to share .stl files, it allows sharing and synchronised editing for team building and tweaking of a file. This is exciting as it will mean updated files that are perfect without the need to download and re-upload to make fixes - speeding up the process even more.

The Ultimaker 2 itself runs at a whisper quiet 49 decibels, is Wi-Fi enabled, has a print envelope of 22.5x22.5x20.5cm, and body size of 35.8x33.8x38.8cm. You'll be able to pick one today from Ultimaker for €1,895 (£1,600).

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 20 September 2013.