Ah the Thingiverse is a wonderful place. A land of open source sharing of 3D printed models that anyone can download and print. It's like a shopping centre where all you need is a trolley, which you can fill with anything you like, then walk out without paying. The latest creation we're loving is a shower head you can print off.

So if your shower head is broken, or even clogged, you can just print yourself off a new one. Thanks to eco-friendly PLA plastic you don't even have to worry about it affecting the environment.

This particular model, by graphic designer Brent J. Rosenburgh, uses nozzles designed specifically to keep turbulence low and under adequate pressure. So if you have a 3D printer and a 1/2-inch threaded shower pipe, get printing. Although he does advise using a pin to widen the holes once printed and maybe dipping it in acetone for a few seconds to finish it watertight.

And while you're printing your shower up to date why not get yourself some spare shower curtain rings? Yup Thingiverse has those too.

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