If you're like us, you'll often find yourself fumbling for different charging cords for all of your different handsets. It's a pain, and we wish every manufacturer would stick to the same standard (we're looking at you, Apple).

Luckily, id America has just unveiled its $17.95 CrossLink cord that offers a universal sync and charge solution (except for the Galaxy Note 3) - just in time for the bevy of new handsets hitting the market. 

The CrossLink is available in gray, blue, green, pink, white, and yellow, in a three-foot/1-metre length. An anti-tangle technology is found on the CrossLink, which is an enticing offer by itself. The company is based in New York and ships worldwide: "All orders are fulfilled at our distribution centre in New York, USA within 2 business days."

For less than $20, will you be picking up one of these?