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(Pocket-lint) - Having released the first Sonic Screwdriver universal remote based on Matt Smith's device, the The Wand Company found it was getting plenty of requests for a replica device for David Tennant's Sonic Screwdriver.

We got our hands on the new model Sonic Screwdriver at a BBC Worldwide Christmas showcase, where we found a huge array of Doctor Who goodies. And what better way to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who than bring you a closer look at Tennant's Sonic Screwdriver?

As was detailed to us by Richard Blakesley, director of The Wand Company, actually getting a genuine prop Sonic Screwdriver presented something of a challenge, because the only one left in existence was with David Tennant, which he'd used in filming.

Fortunately Tennant passed it over to The Wand Company for 3D scanning to allow them to make the replica models as seen here. The only difference from the original, as Blakesley told us, is a small metal lug at the top of the slider. The BBC painted this to match the body of the Sonic Screwdriver, whereas the universal remote remains in aluminium.

Pocket-linttenth doctor who sonic screwdriver universal remote pictures and hands on image 3

In the hand, there's no mistaking this £69.95 remote for the toy equivalents. For starters, the parts that are supposed to be metal, are, so it feels solid and weighty. Adding to the weight is the internal lithium polymer battery, which is charged via Micro-USB, hidden under the black cap on the bottom.

There's a button on the slider that activates the remote, which otherwise uses gestures to control your devices. There are a number of different modes, including a practise mode that will tell you what you've just done so you know you're getting it right.

Of course we didn't have the chance to go through the full set-up procedure for the new Sonic Screwdriver, but we were impressed with the quality feel of it.

As a little bonus, there's a magnet in the base, so you can stand it up using the metal plate supplied! The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver will be available in October from stores such as Forbidden Planet, Firebox and the BBC Shop.

Writing by Chris Hall.