BAE Systems is putting the finishing touches on a new super 3D radar system at a secret Isle of Wight base. The smart-sighted creation will be able to cut through the equivalent din of 10,000 mobile phone signals and still track 900 targets at once.

It's so sensitive that it will be able to spot and track an object the size of a tennis ball moving at three times the speed of sound. The Artisan 3D radar will be installed on the new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers which are being built in Scotland right now.

The radar moves at 30rpm and has a range of up to 200km. That means full 3D images of land and sky. Even Air Wolf would have a job of getting past its mighty gaze.

We asked how this would affect stealth planes and what amount BAE spent developing it, but were told it's all top secret. But they were able to send us some snaps of the radar in development.