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(Pocket-lint) - The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, announced at last year's IFA, is back with an upgraded Pro model. But it's not just a new name, there are also extra sensors making this ready for pros and beginners alike.

The Pro looks very similar to its predecessors with that mini golf club style body. It remains light, unobtrusive and strong. We had trouble getting it out of the pot plant as it was so well entrenched, meaning you don't have to worry about animals disturbing its position.

The original Indoor and Outdoor models measure light intensity, ambient temperature and soil moisture. The new Pro sensors mean it can measure soil temperature and air humidity too. It also works indoors or outside. And since it's Wi-Fi enabled you can monitor your precious plants from anywhere in the world via the web, an iPhone or Android Phone.

koubachi wi fi plant sensor pro knows more than its predecessor and we ve seen how image 2

On the show floor there were a few plants on display illustrating the sensor in action. The web app that outputs the data from these sensors has been developed specifically for pro users, meaning it allows for download of the raw data for pro level analysis. You can also adjust the measuring and transmission intervals, to name but a few options.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro will be available later this year with pricing still to be announced.

Writing by Luke Edwards.