Danish-based company The Eye Tribe has announced that its eye-tracking device for Windows is now available for pre-order.

Version 1.0 The Eye Tribe Tracker first debuted at CES 2013, but it hasn't been available for pre-order until now. It costs just $99 (£63) and comes with a Software Development Kit. The kit will allow developers to integrate eye-control features into apps and games, though the company is collaborating with software and gaming companies to develop eye-controlled apps for consumers.

The Eye Tribe said its tracker will initially work for Windows only, but an Android version is coming. The company's video, below, even suggests iOS and OS X integration. The device itself plugs directly into a Windows PC, laptop or tablet via USB 3.0. For instance, users can mount The Eye Tribe onto a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

Motion tracking, such as Leap Motion and even Microsoft's Kinect, has roots in virtual reality, enabling users to fully experience the world around them or, in this instance, Windows devices while hands-free. There aren't many affordable consumer products available when it comes to motion tracking, thus Eye Tribe has launched pre-orders for the Eye Tribe Tracker in a bid to encourage the growth of hands-free-based tech and compatible ecosystems.

Eye Tribe said The Eye Tribe tracker should start shipping before the end of 2013.