Ten One Design has finally revealed the different tips that will work with its Pogo Connect iPad stylus. Pocket-lint featured the gadget in April and while the tip was removable, there were no other options at that time.

Now several have been introduced, including paint brushes to give a completely different type of drawing experience to the connected creation tool.

Pogo Connect pairs with an iPad and works best when used in conjunction with compatible software, such as ArtRage. When paired, the device sends signals to an app about which head is installed so it knows exactly what strokes to replicate on screen.

Each tip attaches magnetically and are available to buy separately from the manufacturer's own website. Shipping will cost more and it's worth noting that international priority shipping can be pricey so it's worth ordering several tips at once to spread the additional expense.

pogo connect ipad stylus now offers selection of different tips turn it into a paintbrush and more image 2

The R1 tip has a thin 4.5mm profile so is best suited for writing and precise drawing. The R2 is similar to the original tip that comes with the Pogo Connect but has a 6mm diameter for slightly more precision. The R3 is the original Pogo Connect tip, while the B1 and B2 brushes are more for expressing paint strokes that drawing with control.

Each of the "R" tips come in packs of two with each packet priced at $9.95. The two brush tips are available in one pack for $24.95.

There's one warning, the R1 tips only work with a Pogo Connect stylus shipped with firmware version 1.1.0 or later. The rest are compatible with all Pogo Connects.

You can also buy a Pogo Connect and all the tips for $119.95.

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