Belkin has introduced the first officially licensed Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod Touch, enabling consumers to build their own Lego designs on to the case’s baseplate.

The baseplate of the Builder Case is basically a foundation, on to which Lego builders can add Lego pieces to build a unique design. In the promo video by Belkin, Lego enthusiasts are caught on camera as they transform their Builder Cases into planes, vehicles and Space Invaders artwork, among other things.

According to Belkin, the new cases come in iconic Lego colours. They also feature a semi-flexible outer frame for "shock-absorption, button protection, and unobstructed access to audio ports and speakers".

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Between the Belkin Builder Cases and the Mindstorms EV3 kit that released last weekend, children and adults alike should have plenty of options to keep themselves Lego-satisfied for a while.

The new iPhone 5 case costs $39.99 (£26), while the iPod Touch 5 case costs $29.99. Both are available now at and at select retailers.