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(Pocket-lint) - The power to draw in three dimensions using the plastic-producing 3Doodler pen made our eyes water with joy. Now SwissPen is here to prove this isn't a one off and, hopefully, to help push down the price of 3D drawing and printing.

The SwissPen uses PLA or ABS plastic strands loaded in one end to write in plastic at the other. The pen looks like a novelty toy, but considering it manages to change plastic to liquid that then hardens fast enough to draw in 3D, we can't complain.

Draw parts to construct a 3D model or just draw straight up into the air to build your own tower. Yup it's probably more for designers, artists and architects. But that's no reason for hobbyists not to get in on the action.

The SwissPen only works with 1.75mm plastic that's been segmented into filaments, unlike the 3Doodler that lets you use longer spools. But this filament won't hurt if it gets on your skin – superhero costume ideas are already, literally, flying through our minds.

Back on earth the 3D printing SwissPen will set you back 95 Swiss francs (£66) including a 220 filament pack, at 25cm each, if you pre-order from SwissPen now. More plastic filament packs cost a further SFr40 each with 11 colour options in PLA or ABS. Expect to get yours when they start shipping in October.

But if this all sounds a bit taxing and you're more into the idea of a 3D scanner and printer copying objects for you, check out the MakerBot Digitizer.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 23 August 2013.