You might not have seen much video on Pocket-lint recently, but that's about to change.

There's no point in just doing what everyone else does, however, so we wanted to launch with something that's a bit different. The first thing you'll start to see regularly are our phone reviews. These are designed to be short - around one minute - and give you the highlights of a device. We aren't trying to fit everything from our written reviews into one video, just give you an appetiser, something to give you the essentials.

There will be longer videos of course, and there are some coming very soon, but we wanted to get you started on some nice, concise, reviews that hopefully will give you something digestible, in a world of mushy 17-minute reviews of phones.

Aside from video reviews we'll be bringing you a whole lot more. There will be features, we will be disentangling the latest tech so you know exactly what it does and we'll be bringing you tips to ensure your gadget life is fulfilling.

To see the new Pocket-lint video content, head over to where you can see all of our moving pictures in one handy place. This will grow as we get to grips with the hottest gadgets, bringing you regular new videos to enjoy.

As with anything new, we're learning as we go. We'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to throw in a comment if you have any thoughts, or if there's anything you particularly don't want to see.

We will keep you posted, with video.