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(Pocket-lint) - If you're the proud owner of a GoCycle G2 you can now get a renewed lease of life thanks to the free GoCycle Connect app release on Android and iPhone today.

The app, which connects via Bluetooth, offers you controls that let you alter the speed limits for your location, choose power modes from sporty City, through range-extending Eco, to On Demand power. The app also lets you custom set power so you can have a mode for a sweat-free commute or a taxing workout.

Bike maintenance is also made easier thanks to a battery readout that lets you view charge status and battery health remotely. Plus you can upload your maintenance log to tech support for remote diagnostics. And you'll always be using the most efficient software as you can update the bike's firmware from the app too.

When we asked GoCycle if users could change the max speed settings to, potentially, go as fast they like, we were told: "The app allows our customers to match the speed settings of the product to the legal requirements of the region in which they are operating the product." So it sounds like you're free to up the speed if you're going off-road or don't mind dancing dangerously with the law.

As for using the app for a live speed and distance readout, GoCycle has no plans to add that option just yet.

Check back for our full review.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 21 August 2013.