Just in case you needed to own or learn about another wearable tracking device: the W/Me wristband by Phyode has reached its $100,000 fundinggoal on Kickstarter and will therefore begin the manufacturing process.

Phyode, a Mountain View-based start-up, notably claimed its wristband featured a sensor that monitors a body’s automatic nervous system, providing feedback on activity such as breathing patterns. This type of functionality offers clues to a user's state of health or physical wellbeing by possibly detecting negative patterns. 

However, the W/Me wristband is different from other activity tracking devices because it also tracks mental health. Among other things, it offers an Autonomic Nervous System age (which differs from a user's biological age), agility score readings, life spectrum analysis and a general mental state description.

w me wristband offers mental health analysis reaches goal on kickstarter image 2

"Instead of monitoring individual items such as heart rate or blood pressure, we have developed a unique device that can monitor your body as a system and help the user improve his/her health in a more effective way," claimed Phyode on Kickstarter.

Beyond telling users what is wrong with them, the W/Me provides a coaching platform with five different levels and one programmable level that allows users to practise abdominal breathing. Other interesting stuff includes Facebook integration, notifications, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a full-week use on a single battery charge.

w me wristband offers mental health analysis reaches goal on kickstarter image 3

With a sea of Nike FuelBands and JawBone wristbands, to name a few, there is a clear market for wearable tracking devices. Moreover, judging by the success of W/Me on Kickstarter, as it is now funded with a week left to spare, people are obviously interested in measuring their mental health and nervous systems, too.