Tokyoflash has a habit of coming up with cool watch designs, but few are as practical as the Kisai Intoxicated.

As well as being a good-looking LED watch, the Intoxicated - as its name might suggest - features an additional function: it doubles as a breathalyser.

We would recommend using it to check to see if you're okay to drive or not - we doubt it has been designed for that use - but it will give you a decent indication on whether you're sober, tipsy or blind drunk. You blow into the receptor and the side bar will fill depending on the amount of alcohol in your system. The watch fascia will also change colour: green for no alcohol, yellow for some, and red for slow down or you might end up naked on a table singing Gangnam Style. Again.

kisai intoxicated watch from tokyoflash features breathalyser so you know your limits image 2

There is also a sobriety game built in. A reaction test will see if you can stop a travelling line in the dead centre of the target. Fail to do so and it's also almost Gangnam Style time.

As well as the integrated breathalyser, thgame and the fact that it tells the time, the Kisai Intoxicated watch comes with a stainless-steel strap and case, is rechargeable through USB, and is water resistant to around 100 feet.

To celebrate its launch, it's on special offer from Tokyoflash for the next 48 hours (ending 20 June) at just $99 (£63.73). As free worldwide shipping comes into force only after £77 of goods are ordered, you might have to pay extra to have it posted to the UK.