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(Pocket-lint) - Moga, the mobile gaming system for Android, has announced it is coming to the UK, offering both the Moga Pocket and the Moga Pro, and looking to take your mobile gaming to the next level.

We caught up with Moga for a quick introduction to the mobile gaming devices and to learn a little more about the system on offer before it becomes available in the UK on 14 June. 

Moga is keen to emphasise that this is more than just a Bluetooth controller. Moga is a system, with both hardware and software contributing to the overall experience.

That's because Moga provides developers with the SDK to add Moga support to their games, as well as an app to make games discovery immediate. The Moga Pivot app not only makes set-up of the Moga hardware a straight-forward process, but then also guides you to finding compatible games to play.

Pocket-lintmoga pocket and pro hands on with the android accessory that will change the way you game image 4

On the hardware front there are two devices. The Moga Pocket is a compact controller accessory that's small enough to fit into your jacket pocket. It's the sort of thing you could easily carry in your bag for your commute and could be used discreetly, perhaps for the closet mobile gamer in denial.

In the hands it's comfortable to hold and the buttons fall nicely into place, so it feels like a proper gaming solution. That's partly down to the heritage that comes to Moga through PowerA, the parent company, that's been making third-party licensed controllers for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo for many years. 

The clip design of the Pocket means you can slip in any Android device and the Bluetooth connection then means you can fire-up compatible games and play as you might on a console, without having to use on-screen actions. Ultimately, it gives you more space to play. If you're wondering why the two HTC devices in the pictures aren't central in the clamp, it's because of the location of the volume rocker and we don't want Moga constantly turning the volume down.

We've not had the chance to play to any great length, or really explore the ecosystem in depth, but we'll be bringing you a full review as soon as we have.

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If you're after something larger, then the Moga Pro might be what you're looking for. This is a full-sized Xbox-style controller that gives you a D-pad over the other controls that you get on the Pocket, as well as larger grips for a more comfortable, longer gaming experience. 

Naturally it's much larger, so more likely to be used at home, but it also comes with a stand, so if you want to support your Android tablet and play on that, rather than using the built-in clamp, you can. 

The same games are on offer, but the Pro also gives you support for a wider selection of titles through the Pivot app. It's rechargeable, so unlike the Moga Pocket, you don't need batteries to power it.

Pocket-lintmoga pocket and pro hands on with the android accessory that will change the way you game image 2

The Moga Pocket will be available for £29.99 and the Moga Pro will be £39.99. Both will be available soon, but it's the Pocket we're really excited about because it's so portable.

We're going to fire-up Grand Theft Auto Vice City now and we'll be bringing you a full Moga review as soon as we can.

Writing by Chris Hall.