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(Pocket-lint) - All those wearables that we are supposedly going to be sporting in the coming years need a display, and E Ink believes it has the solution with a new miniature screen designed specifically for the wannabe Pebble Smartwatches out there. 

The company has announced a new E-paper coupled with flexible technology that is now readily available for smart wristwatches.

The Massachusetts-based company, known chiefly for making Kindle and other e-Reader displays, has bulked its product line for electronic paper displays and announced on Monday that its latest offering - based on flexible TFT technology - has a 320 x 240 picture with 16 levels of grayscale - perfect for that new watch someone is ready to make.

The new Mobius display is specifically engineered for "smart watch and watch applications", E Ink said, while low power usage and sunlight readability makes it "ideal for mobile devices".  The first product to use E Ink's Mobius display is the Sonostar Smartwatch, which was also unveiled on Monday at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. 

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Sonostar is likely to be one of many firms in the coming months to make use of E Ink's flexible display, as big companies like Samsung, Microsoft and others are apparently also keen on wearable technology. At the D11 conference last month, for instance, Apple CEO Tim Cook said wearables were "incredibly interesting" and could be a "profound area".

More information on the Sonostar smart watch is available at Sonar's website, and additional details about the Mobius 1.73-inch display are at E Ink.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 4 June 2013.