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(Pocket-lint) - Virgin Atlantic is to offer a new check-in service at JFK airport in New York that will recreate an Apple store-like experience on arrival, Pocket-lint has learnt.

The new service, which goes live first thing on Tuesday morning, follows Virgin Atlantic's need to come up with a solution to offer quicker check-in in a hugely reduced arrivals space at the terminal.

The airline will introduce roaming cabin crew armed with iPads and portable mini Bluetooth printers on their belts to issue printed boarding passes without the need to go to a dedicated check-in desk.

The scheme, which the company hopes possibly to roll out to other airports in the future, will require users to have their booking details just like the static touchscreen terminals already in use at most airports.

It is yet another tool in the vast array of check-in options offered by the airline.

The use of staff carrying iPads and small Bluetooth holster printers is similar to Apple stores, at which customers can go to any Apple employee in store and buy something straight away without going to a dedicated till.

Customers will not be required to use the new check-in service, but if  all goes well it will be in full operation on Tuesday 21 May.

If you find yourself using the new system, let us know how you get on.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 20 May 2013.