Skinny jeans hipsters rest at ease: no longer do you need to suffer that "smartphone bulge" as you go to remove that slab of smart tech from your pocket. I/O Denim, a Texas-born jeans-maker based out of Los Angeles, California, has designed a pair of slim-fit denim leg-huggers with their own special "I/O Pocket" for smartphones with screens 4.8-inches in size or less. And they've made a comical, groin-grabbing ad to accompany their latest garb.

Obviously those inclined towards the super-massive screen size, a la Samsung Galaxy Note 2, may not be able to don a pair of these 100% cotton and Cone denim threads, but then anyone with a 6.3-inch smartphone should probably get a manbag to cart it around in.

I/O Denim's slim-fit jeans are available in "dark indigo" wash, with waist sizes measuring from 32-inch to 36-inch. Price wise it's $115 (£74) for a pair and that comes with the assurance that you'll never need to unwittingly perform yoga while sitting on a park bench again. We just hope eagle-eyed thieves don't cotton on to these techie jeans otherwise we foresee one obvious potential problem with the design.

Head over to for more info or if you fancy treating yourself to a pair.