Wireless charing is all the rage these days, so why not take advantage of it, if your phone supports it? YouTube user lobbamobba takes us through the process of integrating a wireless charger into your nightstand on the cheap, so you can sit down your Nexus 4, Lumia 920, or Samsung Galaxy S4 and let it charge - no fumbling for a cord either. 

Of course, it does take a little bit of craftiness, but if you don't mind getting your tools out and doing some chiselling, this may be the weekend project for you.

The video offers a simple step-by-step way of converting a specific IKEA Hemnes nightstand, though the process should be fairly similar for just about any bedside table. A space for the charger, in this case a Nokia Qi charger, is carved out, and it rests on one of the top walls. In 2012, another YouTube user used a similar process with a PowerMat and integrated it into his bookshelf.