Food and force fans will enjoy this Star Wars-themed R2-D2 pizza cutter, which emits all sorts of droid bleeps and bloops as you cut yourself a slice. Around the edge of the cutter's handle are R2D2-style graphics, with a speaker up top for sounds.

The cutter itself is, well, is a pizza cutter so it's sharp as anything and should do a good job slicing through even the thickest of stuffed crusts. Batteries are included with the cutter and you also get a nice set of Star Wars packaging, so super geeks can keep it wrapped up inside as a collector's item.

It definitely sits up there with our favourite Star Wars kitchen gizmos, although the classic lightsaber chopsticks get our top vote. Or you could opt for the Star Wars toaster, which will burn an image of Darth's mask into any toast you make.