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(Pocket-lint) - It wasn't just £20k bling headphones to be found at the Harrods Technology 2.0 showcase, as Spymaster - best known for its security devices - had something altogether cooler and far pricier on show: a mock-up of a $2-million private submarine. Yes, you read that right.

While many might describe this mini marvel as an overpriced toy, who wouldn't want to go exploring the underwater depths by themselves? It's all very James Bond... or is that more James Cameron?

The 22ft-long, 4-tonne Orcasub is built to Lloyd's Register standards and the base model can descend to 1,000ft without a hitch. It's designed to be controlled by joystick and pedals and based on the principles of flight: by using thrust, lift and drag the made-to-order sub can bank, curve and turn much like a private plane.

Pocket-lintspymaster orcasub the 2 million made to order private submarine shown as mock up at harrods image 5

The battery-powered Orcasub comes with 80 hours of life support in each of its two 360-degree open-view pods, has multi-beam collision-avoidance sonar so you know what's going on around you, a digital long-range underwater communication system to keep in contact with the world above and a 60,000 lumen Nuytco NewtSun ultra-LED lighting system to light up the surrounding water.

Although we doubt that the muddied waters of Margate will be all too appealing to prospective buyers, the Orcasub sure does sound like the ultimate gadget - if it can even be called that - for those beautiful, clear waters of the world. You know, the kind of places where the rich own their own private islands and, in the not too distant future, their own private submarines too.

Pocket-lintspymaster orcasub the 2 million made to order private submarine shown as mock up at harrods image 8

If 2,000ft isn't deep enough for your likes then prepare to delve deeper into the abyss of those apparently bottomless pockets: varying depth-capable productions are available to order, maxing out at the $9.32-million version that can descend to 6,000ft.

Spymaster will throw in five day's training into the price which, given the multimillion-dollar cost price, seems, we suppose, fairly reasonable.

Now all we just need is for Spymaster to team up with Lotus to make that ultimate fantasy car-meets-sub a reality so the mega rich can play out their James Bond dreams like never before.

Writing by Mike Lowe.