A concept design for a new bike helmet shows that rather than just protecting your head, the humble head-protecting hat could act as a complete lighting system for cyclists on the go.

The DORA helmet, created by Balázs Filczer, works in tandem with adaptable Bluetooth handlebar controls to give nearby vehicles notice of the rider’s intent to turn or brake with universally recognisable light signals and colours.

Discovered by Yankodesign.com, the helmet is fitted with a white front-facing light as well as a rear-facing red light to help the cyclist be spotted.

Where the design is clever, however, is that built into the helmet's design are left and right yellow indicator lights that can blink to let others know you are about to turn.

clever cycle helmet concept lets you indicate when you are turning image 2

Sadly the design is just at the drawing stage at the moment, but with sites like Kickstarter always keen to promote these ideas, this is one concept that should have no problem making its funding quota.