3D printing is one of the great hopes of the future. But when Pocket-lint went down to the 3D Print Show in London we found this means of turning the virtual into the physical very much alive and well in the present.

We first took a good look at what was on offer back at CES with the like of the Cube home 3D printer from Cubify and apps like Sculpteo, both of which allow users to  actualise their design visions into pretty much anything they can think of. All the same, much of what came out seemed to be flights of coloured resin fancy - models of monsters, pre-teen jewellery and crate upon crate of iPhone cases.

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So, imagine our surprise, almost a year, on to discover what’s now available to the public. With 3D printing materials such as ceramics, silver, stainless steel, gold, brass, bronze and alumide, this technology is ready to take off, with the likes of Autodesk and other companies leading the way. And, just to prove it, we’ve put together a gallery of 3D printed objects to show you the sorts of things the creatives of this world are coming up with.

While much of it is just for the eye right now, there’s a world of education tools, clothing accessories, spare parts, kitchen utensils, crockery and all sorts, ready to be dreamed up and customised by anyone with even a modicum of computer skill and just a moment of time. Let the fun begin.

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Click on the pictures below to start the 3D Printing gallery and see for yourself.

Cubify 3D home printer pictures and hands-on

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