Wake up with the Miele CM5200 Barista Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine and you’ll have your choice of espresso, cappuccino, latte or even a macchiato at your disposal.

The barista machine features a dual spout that enables users to make two cups of coffee at the same time. Choose the type of bean, grind, strength and temperature you wish, and the Miele CM5200’s heated cup rack will ensure your coffee remains piping hot.

There are four portion sizes to choose from, including a single and double espresso along with a regular and a double measure of coffee.

miele cm5200 barista machine has a double spout for simultaneous coffee making  image 2

The Miele CM5200 Coffee Machine comes in black and the brushed stainless steel trim helps give it a premium look.

Featuring touch-sensitive controls, the Miele CM5200 also features an automatic rinse program to help keep the machine clean. Handy.

However, here’s the thing, the Miele CM5200 Barista Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine doesn’t come cheap. It’s available now from John Lewis for £1,395.

The next barista down, the Miele CM5100, which forgoes the double spout, is marginally less expensive, but will still set you back £1,095.

That’s a lot of trips to Starbucks.