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(Pocket-lint) - With charity moustache-growing event Movember starting in less than two weeks, it's a good time to look at accessories and tools to keep the face fuzz in check. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is one of those gadgets that will help immeasurably.

The razor firm has been exploring power-operated devices for a while now, with the Gillette Fusion Power series adding a mild vibration to a wet shave that helps get a cleaner result with less fuss. Now the same principle has been applied to a 3-in-1 tool that combines the company's razor technology with its sister company Braun's powered shaving know-how.

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The ProGlide Styler offers a number of ways to keep your facial hair under control. There's the conventional Gillette Fusion ProGlide head which features five microthin blades on the front, and one styling blade on the rear. And then there's a power trimmer, which can style hair to various lengths.

Three different length adaptors are provided, to allow you to thin a moustache or beard without accidentally shaving a bald stripe through either. Plus, you can use the Styler part of the set to shape sideburns or the like. It's much like the small shaving device used by a barber when shaping the hairline above the neck.

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The heads are plastic and sturdy, and fit in the back of a supplied stand. As do the Styler and Fusion ProGlide razor and housing.

You also get a small tube of Gillette Fusion ProGlide clear shaving gel to give you a sample of what a larger version can offer. As the razor heads are identical to those used by the conventional Fusion ProGlide Power handles, they are already available in chemists and other retailers, and we suggest you pick up a pack as there's only one included with the set.

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In test (on a rather stubborn beard), we have to say that the styler with a length attachment (size "3") tidied things up perfectly and quickly. The shaver and attachment can also be rinsed under the tap, so cleaning is a doddle too.

We can see the whole set getting even more use as we take part in Movember ourselves, especially as beards are not allowed - only moustaches. There's one question that remains though: Zapata or handlebar?

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is driven by a AAA battery (included in the pack), costs £20 and is available from all good stores now. Find out more at www.gillette.com.

You can also find out more about Movember, including how to take part at www.movember.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.