We've seen some harebrained gadget ideas in our time, but rarely have we seen anything like Shippo, a device that utilises both of those things: hair and the brain.

The Japanese word "Shippo", the name of the product, means "tail" when translated and it is exactly that. It is an attachable tail that uses brain waves to react to a user's emotions. No, really.

Developed by Neurowear - the company behind the Necomimi brain-controlled cats ears released in Japan in April - the Shippo is a similar gadget in that it determines the emotional state of its wearer and displays those as movement. Where it differs, however, is that it is, essentially, a dog's tail that you hook to your trousers or skirt. And when you're happy, it wags.

At the moment, Shippo is only in concept stage, but there are working models. If it does reach manufacturing stage, we also suspect it may be confined to Japan.

Down Shep.