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(Pocket-lint) - We all know training to music can be really powerful stuff, and now Reebok and Spotify have just announced a new Spotify app that is going to make your training sessions a whole lot easier.

The British sports brand in partnership with Spotify has launched FitList, a new app which creates playlists based on the activity you are doing, the intensity you want to train at, and the length of time you are planning to train.

No more spending ages deciding what to listen to - the app does it for you and boosts your workout by matching songs and artists based on your music tastes/likes and the workout you are going to do. Nice.

Once the app has created the playlist on the desktop you can export it to the Spotify app before selecting to make it available offline for your training run regardless of what platform you use, be it Android or iPhone.

The secret here is that FitList takes into account what music you like and matches other artists and music that suit your tastes, and then marries it to your selected workout type by taking into account BPM and energy levels required, providing you with the perfect playlist for your workout.

"No two workouts are the same, and now no two playlists will be the same," Reebok explains to Pocket-lint.

The app lets you select activities from Running, Walking, Training, Dancing, and Yoga and will create a playlist from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

Users will be able to share their FitLists, as well as subscribe to FitLists created by others, including professional sportsmen and women such as Eli Manning and Tara Stiles. 

The service is powered by a company called The Echonest. It describes itself as having a "music intelligence platform [which] synthesises billions of data points and transforms it into musical understanding". Customers include Vevo, Nokia, Spotify, and others.

To celebrate the new feature, Reebok has also created a limited number of FitList Boxes in celebration of the launch. These boxes light-up reactively to sound and also act as a speaker you can plug your iPod into! Only 100 boxes were produced and also included a pair of limited-edition Reebok Flex trainers. They will be on display at Reebok FitHub in NYC.

Writing by Stuart Miles.