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(Pocket-lint) - The Wacom Bambook Stylus pocket has been unleashed on to the tablet-toting world for anyone who just can't get things done with their finger.

It's tough to improve upon something very successful, especially when it's really just a pen with a different nib, but Wacom has certainly come up with something in time to show it off at the CU Exposed tech exhibition and Photokina 2012.

The trick behind the Bamboo Stylus pocket edition is that, yes, it's now more suitable for putting in your pocket. Press the end as if it were a real ballpoint pen and it shrinks down before your very eyes to about two-thirds of the size - you know, just in case it was a bit big before.

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You get two choices of pen nib - one soft, one hard - and each measures a precise 6mm in diameter of conductive material suitable for any capacitive touchscreen tablet experience - be that iPad, Android or anything on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The other piece of fun is that you can change the colour of the ring on the barrel to one of four different choices. Most neat of all, though, the cap of the pen has a 3.5mm jack attached to it so that you can plug it into the headphones slot on your tablet to ensure it's kept with your device at all times.

A stylus isn't going to be for everyone and Wacom's aren't the cheapest - the pocket edition coming in at £29 - but they are some of the most popular. A classy accessory for a classy gadget.

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Writing by Dan Sung.