Fitness app RunKeeper has released an update that means sports enthusiasts will no longer have to pay for the various training plans on offer. 

Conduced by professional coaches the training plans are geared towards helping people to lose weight through to running their first, or fifth marathon. The training programs provide audio instructions while you run, automatically planning the next step in your fitness regime so all you need to do is log into the app to see what’s next.

runkeeper training plans now free thanks to latest update  image 2

Of course if you want to tweak the plans, you can customise them either through the app or at, while your progress can again be tracked directly on your handset or computer before being shared with your followers on Twitter. The RunKeeper 2.7 update has revamped the way in which this information is viewed.

The update is applicable to both the iOS and Android version of the app and RunKeeper has said it will support iOS6.